Christian Campus Fellowship

Women's Christian Campus House

Front of the Women's Christian Campus House
The Women's Christian Campus House
There are plants there now
WCCH Family Tree
WCCH Family Tree
In the stairwell
WCCH Lobby
WCCH Lobby
Two apartments on the main floor, two on the second. The basement is a common area.
WCCH Common Area
WCCH Common Area
Common area in the basement
WCCH Apartment Kitchen
WCCH Apartment Kitchen
Each Apartment has a full kitchen
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Housing Details

Campus Approved Housing

Fall 2011 was our first semester to have a women's residential facility! The WCCH is approved by Missouri S&T as student housing and can hold 16 girls in the main building and 4 in the two apartments behind the house.

Affordable, Beautiful, and Comfortable

The WCCH has 4 adorable, 2-bedroom apartments holding 4 residents each. Each apartment has its own full bathroom, living room and full kitchen with access to a back patio. The back two apartments are slightly smaller and house only 2 students each. In addition, the WCCH has a common kitchen, study, lounge, prayer room, laundry facility and three dining spaces to entertain guests. All this is available to these women at a fraction of the cost of living in the residential halls on campus.

Convenient Location

The WCCH is located across the street from the Civil Engineering and Physics Buildings. The only way you could be closer to these classes or campus is to live in the classrooms! The house is also within walking distance to several area churches, downtown Rolla, a couple of city parks and several local restaurants.


The WCCH allows all residents to bring a car. There is some parking around the house and parking is available on the streets surrounding the house. All parking is on a first come-first served basis. There are enough spots that you will find a place, it just depends how far you have to walk to get to the house.

If you don't have a car, don't worry. There are plenty of girls that do and are quite willing to carpool to Walmart or to church.

Student Meal Plans

Meal plans are required for freshmen and sophomores, even if they are living in off-campus housing, such as the WCCH. Once a student reaches 60 credit hours, they are no longer required to have a meal plan.

Each individual apartment contains a full kitchen. Students often use their meal blocks during the week, and will eat in the house on weekends.

Resident Responsibilities

There are only a few things that are considered required or mandatory as a WCCH resident. Residents are expected to be 'above reproach' (1st Timothy 3:2). As a resident of the WCCH, you are a representative of this ministry and of Jesus Christ to others within the campus community. You are to live a life of integrity and have the highest of moral standards. All residents are expected to:

Nerf Gun Policy

Though not mandatory, for your own personal protection and self defense this is strongly encouraged. We have a small arsenal of Nerf guns that have been supplied by previous house residents and should be able to well defend ourselves if you desire to participate in Humans v Zombies, dominate the Men's CCH during an open house, or start a war with another apartment within the WCCH.