Christian Campus Fellowship

Freshman Information


Sunday: Pancakes and Rides 8 AM

Swing by the CCH early Sunday to enjoy some pancakes and catch a ride to church. There will be students going to various churches in town.

Sunday: Frisbee Golf 9 PM

Meet at the CCH for a legendary event combining skill and a little bit of crazy...Frisbee Golf.

Monday: Extreme Rec Night 7 - 9 PM

Join us at and around the Multi-Purpose building for sports and games galore!

Tuesday: Photo Scavenger Hunt 7 PM

Snap a photo of everything on your list and get back quick! Hang out at the CCH after you finish for Ice Cream!

Wednesday: Coffee House 7 PM

Coffee. Cocoa. Coffee. Music. CCH Basement.

Thursday: Catalyst 7 PM

Praise, worship, fellowship, and a message at the St Pat's B&C in Havener followed by fried Oreos at the CCH!

Friday: Root Beer Kegger 7 PM

Bring your favorite mug to the CCH and fill it with Fitz's while you hangout.

Saturday: CCF Luau 5 PM

oha! You want to experience this little bit of paradise in Rolla. 5am—torch run. Two pigs roasting all day. Then, we feast.


We are excited for this coming fall - it represents not only the start to another school year, but also the start to many new and exciting relationships. Here are some of the basics that you as incoming students or the parents of incoming students will want.

Small Groups

Small groups are student led small groups that meet off-campus weekly on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at various times. Since we have multiple studies going on, you are sure to find a study that will be a encouragement to you. Small groups are a great opportunity to get to know others on a personal level and to dig deeper together into the Scriptures.


Christian Campus Fellowship offers campus approved housing at what we refer to as the CCH (Christian Campus House). We have both men's and women's housing both conveniently located just off campus.
Christian Campus Fellowship exists to reach non believing students, nurture fellowship among believers, deepen knowledge of and love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to encourage one another to serve and worship God.