Welcome Freshmen! We are so excited to have you at Missouri S&T! We would love an opportunity to meet you, so come to our opening week events.

Sunday—Pancakes & Rides: 8-10 am (Aug 13 & 20)
Swing by the CCH early Sunday to enjoy some pancakes and catch a ride to church. There will be students going to various churches in town.

Sunday—Frisbee Golf: 7 pm
Meet at the CCH for a legendary event combining skill and a little bit of crazy...Frisbee Golf!

Monday—Extreme Rec Night: 7-9pm
Join us at and around the Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose building for sports and games galore!

Tuesday—Photo Scavenger Hunt: 7pm
Meet at the CCH for some crazy fun! Teams of people will test their selfie skills and race to fulfill a random list then laugh at all the teams antics.

Wednesday—Coffee House: 7 pm
Coffee. Cocoa. Coffee. Music. Coffee. Tea. Meet at the CCH basement to enjoy music, and show off your skills!

Thursday—Catalyst: 7pm
Praise, worship, fellowship, and a message at the St. pat’s B&C in Havener followed by fried Oreos at the CCH!

Friday—Root Beer Kegger: 7 pm
Bring your favorite mug to the CCH and fill it with Fit’s while you hang out.

Saturday—PUMBA Torch Run @ 5am / CCF Luau: 6pm
Aloha! You won’t want to miss this crazy war painted experience! Join us for the 5 am torch run, then come back at 6 pm to feast on pigs that have roasted all day!