Men's Christian Campus House

Front of the Christian Campus House
Front of the Christian Campus House
At the corner of 12th and Oak
Inside a four person room
Inside a four person room
Each room is set up differently. The Roommates decide what their room layout will be.
Lobby of the Christian Campus House
Lobby of the Christian Campus House
Offices on the left, Kitchen behind the brown wall, TV and Rec room downstairs
Kitchen of the Christian Campus House
Kitchen of the Christian Campus House
1 fridge per room, 2 stoves, 3 sinks, 2 microwaves, 1 trashcan
Gameroom of the Christian Campus House
Gameroom of the Christian Campus House
Pool, Ping-pong, Fooseball, Fun

Campus Approved Housing

Our men's residential facility was completed in the fall of 2000 with an addition which was completed just in time for the spring of 2015. The house provides housing for 64 male students. We are approved by S&T as student housing which allows us to house all students - from brand new freshmen to grad students

Low cost, High fellowship

The CCH is much cheaper then the on-campus residence halls, at just $1600/$1900 per semester (depending on which room you live in). But cost is not the only draw to the CCH. With a good mix of older and incoming students, the fellowship experience is invaluable in our christian walk.

The CCH is central to the entire CCF community. With over 200 students, this provides an excellent opportunity to fellowship with many other Christians.

The House

The CCH has 16 spacious bedroom/suites holding 4 residents each. Each resident gets his own wardrobe/closet, bed and desk. While the bedrooms are restricted to men only, the house also provides a kitchen, lounge, game room, TV/Music room, and other areas that are open to everyone until 1am. Occasionally, the residential areas are opened up for anyone to visit during the day. This is a great time for each room to show off their unique configuration and decorations.

Convenient Location

The CCH is located just one block east of campus, two blocks south of the WCCH, and within walking distance of downtown Rolla, a couple city parks, and several restaurants.


The CCH allows all residents to bring a car. The CCH has some parking behind the house and a secondary lot just half a block away as well as parking available on the streets surrounding the house. All parking is on a first come-first served basis, but there is generally plenty of space to park your car.

If you don't have a car, don't worry. There are plenty of guys that do and are willing to give you a ride to Walmart or church.

Student Meal Plans

All residents are required to be on our CCH in-house meal plan. According to campus rules, students with under 60 credits are required to be on a full meal plan while those who have completed over 60 credits can take out the minimum of our evening meal plan. See the meal plan price sheet for more information.

We do have some fridge and freezer space as well as cabinet storage in our basement kitchen area for residents to store and prepare food.

Resident Responsibilities

There are only a few things that are considered mandatory as a CCH resident, you are a representative of this ministry and of Jesus Christ to others within the campus community. Residents are expected to be 'above reproach' (1st Timothy 3:2). You are to live a life of integrity and have the highest of moral standards. All residents are expected to:

  • Attend weekly church services at the local church of their choice
  • Participate in a weekly CCF Small Group Bible study
  • Attend and participate in the weekly CCF meeting, Catalyst
  • Complete weekly house chores in a timely and thorough manner
  • Attendance at one house retreat each semester and monthly house meetings

Lightsaber Policies

While it is unlikely that you will aquire the necessary parts in this region of space, anything is available through Should you find yourself feeling fearful or angry (those are the paths to the dark side...), we ask that you NOT move forward with plans to construct the most elegant weapon for the civilized age in which we live. All other lightsaber building inquiries will be handled by the ministry staff on a case by case basis.