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CCF Top Ten

Each week a question is asked at Catalyst. These are the top ten best answers to those questions.

What superpower does your sidekick have? 2015-09-17
  1. (my wife) she's always right! - Scott Volner
  2. mildly photogenic - Trey
  3. what part of "this is my invisible friend" do you not understand? - Laura Elliott
  4. the ability to read...unlike me - Nathan Szanto
  5. the ability to use public restrooms - Nathan Szanto
  6. coming up with witty answers for top ten - Justin Crum
  7. well...i need a wingman - Chase Davis
  8. Espresso makers instead of hands...and sidekick is an espresso maker - Danielle Primm
  9. turn into Elijah Weber and scream like a falcon - Micah Souder
  10. the ability to shoot bees from his hands - Courtney Atwood
We are volunteering Sam as Tribute to the "Best Ever" Hunger Games. What ADVICE do you have for her? 2015-09-03
  1. avoid GMOs - Laura Elliot
  2. 1. Dodge 2. Duck 3. Dip 4. Dive 5. Dodge - Savannah Fedorchak
  3. Hello Kitty gotta sleep - Daniel Catton
  4. Be one will want to beat you. - Mallory Martin
  5. Hunger Games isn't even cool anymore - Jimmy Beltz
  6. don't wear your chacos - Jo Powell
  7. you should probably just skip it... - Isaac DiGennaro
  8. Don't Die. - Andy Newman
  9. Don't eat. these are HUNGER GAMES. to be fast, you must fast - Royce Ingram
  10. Learn to spell...adviCe...not adviSe - Jacob Bergman
In five words or less, how did Rolla blow your mind already? 2015-08-20
  1. Much people, such awkward, wow - Eli Gaitley
  2. trig review violated my mind - Isaac Foster
  3. people don't words good here - Justin Ensor
  4. there are my people - Jacob Lipina
  5. pie, walmart, schuman, nerds, CCF - Adina Hoyle
  6. bad wifi on engineering campus - Jacob Agee
  7. they have quality pie here - Loren Brady
  8. too many males - Annie Massey
  9. help me - Jack Kirschbaum
  10. I can't get a girlfriend (josh - not Rolla's fault...) - Josh Archer
What is the name of the band you would form with the people to your immediate right and left? 2015-04-23
  1. Rolla Ratio - Rebecca Reifel
  2. Two Lefties and a Wrong - Adina Hoyle
  3. J. Beltz and the Sunshine Band - Chris Moore
  4. LOUD NOISES!!!!! - Savannah Fedorchak
  5. The Sam-Sandwich - Sam Moser
  6. Empty Seats - Garrett Tunnell
  7. Casting Frowns - Phoebe Bohlen
  8. Kirshpoolompton - Matt Claypool
  9. The Off Keys - Brooklyn Collins
  10. Hollabackatchaboi - Jon Roth
What should the nickname be for the person sitting closest to you (and what is his/her real name)? 2015-04-02
  1. I don't want to answer this, Lauren's next to me. - Danielle Primm
  2. Dead To Me (James Wetzel) - Jason Rivera
  3. Mr. Quackers (Caleb?) - Alex Shaw
  4. Slingshot (Bekah Slinger) - Faith Van Wig
  5. Yakob (Jacob Danielson) - Brice Bridges
  6. Boo Thang (Lea Ahrens) - Jake Kremer
  7. The Daytonator (Christine Dayton) - Shannah Withrow
  8. The Hawk (Eli Weber) - Devin Brewster
  9. Wasabi (Allen Bellinger) - Dane Apsher
  10. White Lightning (Kaylin Clark) - Garrett Tunnell
If you could have any job, what would your title be? 2015-02-26
  1. (Landon's) Bosslady - Larissa Maus
  2. Trophy Wife - Jake Kremer
  3. Batman - Joshua Yoes
  4. Pineapple Salesman - Sam Tucker
  5. Ice Cream Taster - James Wetzel
  6. Divider by Zero, Destroyer of Worlds - Jon Musick
  7. The "What does that guy do" guy - Mitch Umano
  8. Activity Coordinator for the Director of Conductors (ACDC) - Josh Wyss
  9. Destructive Tester - Brandon Terlouw
  10. Porcupine Hairdresser - Phoebe Bohlen
What would you name your personal cologne/perfume line? 2015-02-12
  1. Your girlfriend's favorite smell (TM) - Nathan Boys
  2. brofume - Bekah Slinger
  3. 'Murica: BBQ, Apple Pie, & Bald Eagle - Jason Rivera
  4. Comp Sci - Alex Shaw
  5. Smells like Jesus - Rachel Connell
  6. Mild Attraction - by Jacques Kremer - Jake Kremer
  7. (More Expensive than Soap Soap Smell) - Danielle Primm
  8. Masculine Moser Musk - Sam Moser
  9. Chloroform - Caleb Liegey
  10. Stank - Brian Juricek
Seahawks, Patriots, or Katy Perry? Why? 2015-01-29
  1. Patriots because 'Merica - Deanna Millard
  2. Doesn't matter, I can't differentiate who is what color anyway - Justin Crum
  3. Katy Perry, 'cause she is a champion, and we're gona hear her roar - Daniel Catton
  4. I don't know but I hope she's better lookin' than Paris Hilton - Scott Volner
  5. Katy my lady - Steven Wessels
  6. Deflated footballs #winning - Devin Brewster
  7. I shot a hawk once - but don't tell anyone - Sam Bohlen
  8. I'm only here so I won't get fined - Jacob McFarland
  9. Cheaters vs. Thugs w/ a halftime of mediocrity... - Aaron Troll
  10. Seahawks because Tom Brady is a basic white girl - Jonathan Roth
What's your "Street" Name? 2014-11-06
  1. Pretty fly for a Comp Sci - Nick Eggleston
  2. Dj Lush Bunz - Garret Tunnell
  3. Blood-n-Gohr - Jared Gohr
  4. Juice - Andy Conklin
  5. Baby Whisperer - Megan Goff
  6. "tiny" - Ethan Markley
  7. The "Custodian" - Nathan Szanto
  8. I'm not telling you, but whatever it is, it's Hume-erous... - Jacob (baby) Hume
  9. Asian Persuasion - "Tim Toy"
  10. Kremaflave - Jake Kremer
If you were a fish, what bait should be used to catch you? 2014-10-23
  1. Jonah... I'd be a big fish - Luke Simon
  2. A Lady Fish - Josh Riefer
  3. Bacon wrapped steak. The number one greatest food... wrapped around the number two greatest food. - Ben B.
  4. A blanket... I need sleep. I'm probably really easy to catch when I'm asleep... - ZJ
  5. I'm not telling you - Baby Hume (Jacub)
  6. The Bible of course!!! - Rebecca Johnson
  7. A blue, size 16 crackleback, being stripped in below the apron of the dam at Bennet Springs... Or just some Mac n' Cheese - Aaron Grimm
  8. Any meat Ron Swanson would make - Lucas Weiler
  9. A #psl, because PSL's are gross and so are fish. - Katie Kaczmerek
  10. Katie? - Aaron Troll
You just won the lottery! What's your first move? 2014-10-09
  1. Buy gas - Allen Bellinger
  2. Blow it all on empty things and end up poor and alone - Jake Kremer
  3. Pay Nathanael to finally let me make the Top Ten, LOLZ - Dane Apsher
  4. Rage quit school - Larissa Maus
  5. Refuse to look at how much was taken out in taxes. - Danielle Primm
  6. Cry because of taxes - Adina Hoyle
  7. Food. Lots of food. - Savannah Fedorchak
  8. Buy ALL the bacon - Jonathan Winn
  9. Buy squat rack with plates, a bench, a platform, a few texas power bars... and a dumbbell set ranging from 0-150 lbs. - Ethan Markley
  10. Ask me what I would invest all my moneyz in! :) - Jon Roth
You are invited to a costume party! What's your costume? 2014-10-02
  1. Gaston; because duh - Andrew Campbell
  2. Stilts, hipster gasses, pumpkin spice latte. (Jake Kremer) - Lea Ahrens
  3. An old man - Nathan Hickle
  4. An old man - Angie Green
  5. Sushi - Tim Toy
  6. Wilson -The Volleyball - Abby Clancy
  7. Morgan Freeman... I'll narrate the party - Sam Niemeyer
  8. Nathanael's beard - Jaykob Maser
  9. Shirt, tie, dress pants - b/c Kevin Clark - Caleb Roberts
  10. Honorable mention... - Jake Kremer
You Just Spilled SomethingOn Your Gel Group Hosts Carpet. What's Your Excuse/Explanation? 2014-09-18
  1. I squeezed the cat a little harder than I meant to. - Clint Bland
  2. I squeezed Clint a little harder than I meant to... - Devin Brewster
  3. Well, I embraced my white girl spirit and wore my favorite scarf, leggings, and Uggs; I was about to take a selfie with my pumpkin spice latte when... I can't even... - Elizabeth Cundiff
  4. This is divine punishment for your sins. - Michael Reames
  5. You shall see this stain "in remembrance of me". - Sam Bohlen
  6. I haven't slept in three days. - Jake Kremer
  7. I was feeling "Radical" - Tyler Lamb
  8. I thought your carpet looked thirsty. - Matt Walkup
  9. I was baptising the carpet... - Lucas Simon
  10. Nathanael did it... - Jonathon Robertson
If Morgan Freeman could narrate one event in your life, what would it be? 2014-09-04
  1. What toilet paper would think about, if it could think. - Willz Loos
  2. The day I finally meet Morgan Freeman. - Lucas Weiler
  3. Hitting my head. It happens a lot. I'm tall. Him narrating it would make the pain more bearable. - Luke Simon
  4. My refusal to wake up every morning. - Erin Andrews
  5. When I ride through campus on my bike and wizz by people *Bradley, peddling faster and faster, comes within hairs of crashing into a pedestrian*... I bet you read that in a Morgan Freeman voice. - Bradley Clay
  6. Bombing a test. It would make up for the failure. - Zach Johnson
  7. Don't know Morgan Freeman, so I can't say... - Ryler Evans
  8. My Seventh grade Valentines dance... So awkward. - Kate Dennis
  9. Me playing League of Legends. - Zachery Hume (Papa Hume)
  10. Me pretending to like a party. - Dalton Buchanan
If you were to create a new major at S&T based on a movie, what would it be? 2014-08-21
  1. Something... - Zachary Hume
  2. Dancing w/ Wolves - Dancing With Wolves - Philip Honnold
  3. Baconology -The movie hasn't been released yet - Jonathon Winn
  4. The Psychology of Talking Toys -Toy Story - Danielle Primm
  5. Frozen.... From.... Frozen - Bing Li
  6. Stuntman -Hotrod - Hannah Lawson
  7. How to Train Your Dragon -How to Train Your Dragon - Landon Kelsey
  8. Vigilante Justice Major, With a Batman Minor. - Michael Reames
  9. How to Build the Ironman Suit -Ironman - Devin Brewster
  10. "I want to talk to girls, I just can't..." -Aaron Troll - Aaron Troll
What new duty would you add for next year's president elect (Philip Honnold)? 2014-04-17
  1. Washing everyone's feet as they come into Catalyst - Montana Long
  2. He must pay tax to his predecessor - Jason Brown
  3. Father-fill-in for all girls wanting to date-shot gun in hand to scare off all da boys... - Megan Goff
  4. Training monkeys to do laser physics - Larissa Maus
  5. Appoint a security team. His life is now at risk. - Stoney Tyler
  6. Sorting the new freshman into four different houses that best fit their personalities - Bradley Clay
  7. Toxic chemical tester - Andy Conklin
  8. Pokemon Master - Kevin Clark
  9. Hold alpaca quilting parties - Sam Moser
  10. A required "Philip" story every week at Catalyst. - Bryce Hylton
How should the CCF Presidential Candidates for 2014-2015 year dress for their speeches next week? 2014-04-03
  1. As the cast of Disney's "Frozen" (and yes they have to sing) - Faith Spencer
  2. Probably some clothes - Zion DiGennaro
  3. Suits. Birthday suits - Nathan Hickle
  4. A Mariachi Band - Allen Bellinger
  5. Historically accurate former presidents, including hair and beard - Cheyenne Morrissette
  6. Onesies - Rebecca Reifel
  7. Kevin Clark - Jacob Agee
  8. As prehistoric giant sloths - Jason Brown
  9. Like different tetris pieces - Jared Gohr
  10. Engineers….the train kind - Sam Moser
If you had a bottomless pocket that you could carry an unlimited number of any one item, what would it be? 2014-02-27
  1. Photons - Isaac DiGennaro
  2. I get it. He has a pocketful of sunshine! (Referring to Isaac's answer) - Alan Landers
  3. Pennies (Because exact change is important) - Kevin Linn
  4. An unlimited supply of smart would be neat - Nathan Szanto
  5. 45 lb. plates - Ethan Markley
  6. Just carrying my phone comfortably would rock-girl pockets are the worst - Lea Ahrens
  7. How can I get it out if there is no bottom? - Jason Brown
  8. Trident Layers, so I could pay everyone in gum - Jake Kremer
  9. Abottomless pocket? On women's pants? Yeah right! - Erin Andrews
  10. Steroids - Elijah Weber
In seven words or less - stupidest things you've said this week. 2013-08-15
  1. Sure Andy I'll play Catan with you. - Bradley Clay
  2. I'll get my leisure suit and gorilla. - Jason Brown
  3. Should I wear a tie today? - Kevin Clark
  4. I bet I can take down J.P. - Phillip Honnold
  5. Adopting is better than kidnapping, right? - Aaron Troll
  6. Oh, that's the name of my girlfriend... - Jeremy L. Hamilton
  7. Are you a freshman? - Olivia Diehm
  8. Sure. I can play more dodge ball! - Isaac D.
  9. Wait why are we laughing? It's sad! - Angela G.
  10. I'll unpack quickly. - Zach Johnson
What advice would you give someone for finals week? 2013-05-02
  1. Sleep is for the weak - Kate Dennis
  2. Finals? Ain't nobody got time for 'dat! - Faith Spencer
  3. Suck Less - Brain Juricek
  4. You'll get more with a good word and a gun than just a good word - Michael Reames
  5. Sleep through them - stress free - Trevor Sparks
  6. 2+2=4 - Tim Toy
  7. Fly! You fools! - Gandalf - Landon Day
  8. Sleep with text book under pillow -osmosis- - Jonathan Bopp
  9. Just keep swimming! - Sam Niemeyer
  10. I've heard hugging Jordan Brandt gives you good luck! - Andrew Brumleve
What should be the names of the two pigs for our pig roast? 2013-04-18
  1. Enthalpy and Entropy - Chris Heckman
  2. Hitler and Stalin "I'm eating Hitler!" "Have you tried some Stalin yet?" - Philip Honnold
  3. J. Brandt and J. Wright - Jake Kremer
  4. Cain and Abel - Karl Hansen
  5. Sam and Frodo - Dan Lata
  6. Shadrach, Mischach and... and... and... LET'S HAVE THREE!!! - Sam Moser
  7. Hickory Smoked and Maple and Brown Sugar - Aaron Grimm
  8. precious and scrumptious - Jonothan Roth
  9. Darrell and Daryll - Sean Troupe
  10. The Pounds Brothers - Tori Wilson
What is the best way to avoid getting eaten by a dragon? 2013-04-11
  1. Be the dragon - Nathan Loya
  2. Scratch it under the chin - Tori Wilson
  3. Shove you boyfriend in front of you and run (sorry Jonathan) - Lauren Moore
  4. Eat him first - Daniel Catton
  5. Garlic, lots of Garlic - Christine Dayton
  6. Flirt with it? - Lauren Cramer
  7. feed him Andy first - Caleb Roberts
  8. Just keep swimming... I'm a sea bass - Bass Horstman
  9. Wear a coat of habaneros, dragons hate spicy food. - Bryan Morris
  10. Outrun the slowest dwarf - Nathan Boys
If S&T received plagues, what would one of them be? 2015-09-10
  1. 4 years of college level English - Jacob Bergman
  2. A plague of showers on comp sci's - Jonathan Roth
  3. isn't diffy Q bad enough? - Tiffany Newburry
  4. Coffee extinction - David Scott
  5. excessive, pervasive body odor - Jon Musick
  6. girls - Lea Ahrens
  7. chartwells...constipation is freed - Will Loos
  8. proper english (english majors are freed) - Eli Gaitley
  9. single-itus - Barrett White
  10. all the GPA's of the first born will be dropped below 1.0 - Joey Schantz
When you come to a fork in the road, what goes through your mind? 2015-08-27
  1. If there was a 3rd path, it would be a trident - Tiffany Newburry
  2. Can I eat with this fork? - Anna Scoggins
  3. turn around, decisions are too hard - Kaitlyn Loucks
  4. poor engineering... - James Wetzel
  5. take the road less traveled - Elizabeth Gernandes
  6. climb up the tree - Zac Kessel
  7. CATS! - Nathan Boys
  8. hopefully not a fork (this answer was also submitted by numerous others...but Michael's handwriting is the best) - Michael Belt
  9. mashed potatoes - Elizabeth Cundiff
  10. is this a trick question? - JD Foster
If you had the last coffee bean on Earth, what would you do with it? 2015-04-30
  1. Destroy it. That's the stuff wars are fought over - Sam Tucker
  2. Ebay - Brice Bridges
  3. Irrelevant. Upon seeing our turmoil, Jesus would return to Earth - Ben Glore
  4. Hold it over Andy's head, both figuratively and literally - Dane Apsher
  5. Give it to Crawford (Andy's youngest) as a bargaining chip - Lauren Moore
  6. Bring it back to my lab and analyze it. With Science!!! - Kevin Linn
  7. Plant it? Start and empire? Rule the tired with my monopoly? I dunno. - Jake Kremer
  8. Trade it to Andy for bacon - Jonathan Winn
  9. Burn it in a bonfire - said everyone who hates coffee - Hayley Van Winkle
  10. Hold it and weep - Taren Leeds
What officer position should we create and add to the CCF Leadership Team? 2015-04-16
  1. Demolitions Officer - Jon Musick
  2. Chairman of Corporal Discipline - Mitchell Umano
  3. Director of Pranking Andy - Micah Souder
  4. Mustache and Beard Management Officer - Daniel Holtzclaw
  5. Flower Girl - Jaykob Maser
  6. Andy's Coffee Wench - Danielle Primm
  7. Verbal Punching Bag - Joe Hakansen
  8. Emperor - Allen Bellinger
  9. Pen Clicker - Tarja Masfeso?(themiddleofnowhere)
  10. Somthing to manage all the Jacobs over there - Jacob Danielson
If you could change your thumbs to any tool/utensil, what would it be? 2015-03-05
  1. Lightsabers - Ben Bruemmer
  2. Candy Dispensers - Ben Turpin
  3. Mini-Nathanael Coffmans - Megan Goff
  4. Slide rule - Bass
  5. Go-Go-Gadget Gun! - Aaron Troll
  6. Naildippers - obviously - Andrew Menke
  7. Car Keys - Bing Li
  8. Shotguns - Austin Gantner
  9. Chick Magnets - Austin Woody
  10. Protein - Andrew Campbell
Which cartoon character do you want to punch in the face? 2015-02-19
  1. Road runner...cuz that means I caught him! - Montana Long
  2. Hello Kitty...Goodbye Kitty! - Landon Kelsey
  3. Jigglypuff - Michael Fanning
  4. All of them - Rebecca Johnson
  5. Andy Conklin - Nathan Szanto
  6. A smurf just to see what color it turns - Ben Bruemmer
  7. Mike Anderson - Mitch Umano
  8. The Teletubbies - Wyatt Burton
  9. The Annoying Orange - Matt Claypool
  10. Gaston - Jenn Martin
If you were one of the seven dwarves, what would your name be? 2015-02-05
  1. Trendy - Samuel Niemeyer
  2. Gimli - Lucas Weiler
  3. Thorin Oakenshield - Ben Bruemmer
  4. Crumpy - Justin Crum
  5. Robertsy - Bass Horstman
  6. Squeaky - I sound like a 6 yr old on the phone - Abby Clancey
  7. Hungry - Lea Ahrens
  8. Falcon - Elijah Weber
  9. Shorty - Austin Andrews
  10. Hunky - Jacob Agee
In a word, what is your favorite thing to do? 2015-01-22
  1. Bacon - Sam Moser
  2. Smash - Kris Johnston
  3. Murrrrder - Danielle Primm
  4. Defenestrate - Justin Crum
  5. Eat - Emily Grunwald
  6. Procrastinate - Michael Belt
  7. Floccinaucinihilipilification - Mike Anderson
  8. Diversity - Tim Toy
  9. Bathe (I'm not a normal CompSci) - Alex Shaw
  10. Win - Abby Clancy
If you were a hoarder, what would you hoard? 2014-10-30
  1. Redheads. Start a redhead colony, build the redhead population. #gingermasterrace - Michael Reames
  2. A Lady Fish - Josh Riefer
  3. Corgis in funny outfits - Lea Ahrens
  4. Every Disney movie ever (BTW Tangled is better than frozen). - Aaron Troll
  5. Phillip Honnolds - Jonathon Roth
  6. Guns. and Explosives. Nothing bad could happen. - Danielle Primm
  7. Sushi, stir fry, anything rice. - "Tim Toy"
  8. McDonalds happy meal toys - Allen Bellinger
  9. You ask this as if I'm not already hoarding for pokemon cards and games. - Garret Tunnell
  10. .22 ammo... Because I actually do... - Sam Bohlen
If your best friend could be any movie character. Who would that be? 2014-10-16
  1. Jake the dog. Not a movie, but I don't care! - Jacub Agee
  2. Starlord - Adina Hoyle
  3. Sadie Robertson <3 - Sam Bohlen
  4. Clint Eastwood - Aaron Grimm
  5. Wilson from "Castaway" - Bradley Clay
  6. Chewbacca - Joey Shantz
  7. Minions... All of them. - Shannon Withrow
  8. Buddy the Elf... Because Christmas - Megan Goff
  9. Minion. Who couldn't use a minion? - Drew Carrigan
  10. Black Widow from the Marvel comics, because... I'm kind of in love with her... - Michael Reames
What's your "Street" Name? 2014-10-06
  1. Pretty fly for a Comp Sci - Nick Eggleston
  2. Dj Lush Bunz - Garret Tunnell
  3. Blood-n-Gohr - Jared Gohr
  4. Juice - Andy Conklin
  5. Baby Whisperer - Megan Goff
  6. Tiny - Ethan Markley
  7. The "Custodian" - Nathan Szanto
  8. I'm not telling you, but whatever it is, it's Hume-erous... - Jacob (baby) Hume
  9. Asian Persuasion - "Tim Toy"
  10. Kremaflave - Jake Kremer
Who or what would you like to throw repeatedly against a brick wall... And why? 2014-09-25
  1. My alarm clock, it's jealous of my relationship with my bed. - Michael Fanning
  2. My computer when it won't load League fast enough. - Seth Molenhour
  3. Steve Ballmer, cuz he created "" - Bing Bing
  4. My organic textbook... Just kidding it's one of the most costly things I own. - Danielle Primm
  5. Campus Wifi; can't hurt, it's already broken. - Elizabeth Cundit
  6. This question... - Stefan Maere
  7. League of Legends, because Leauge. - Landon Kelsey
  8. All the #psl to make the white girls cry. - Katie Kaczmarek
  9. Cubs fans - no explanation needed. - Tyler Lamb
  10. Willz. Because he took my nerf gun bullets and broke a water balloon on me. - Hayley V. W.
If you could have rain be turned into one thing, what would it be? And why?? 2014-09-11
  1. I will be genuinely disappointed if no one answers "Men!" - JC Stinson
  2. Men. "Hallelujah it's raining men." - Elizabeth Cundiff
  3. Not a ton, but some more women. To end the Rolla ratio. - Will Loos
  4. Puppies, so then I can say I stepped in a poodle. - Garret Tunnel
  5. Fake money. Because people would get excited and then be let down. - Allen Bellinger
  6. Tootsie Rolls, and any other candy that looks like dookie, because it's funny. - Jared Gohr
  7. Elven Lembas bread. Need I explain? - Ben Bruemmer
  8. H2SO4.... Oh wait... - Jon Roth
  9. A plane. So I can fly Around with people in my belly - Rebecca Johnson
  10. Rice. - "Tim Toy"
How Should We Initiate Freshman into CCF Next Year? 2014-08-28
  1. Make them rap battle for CCF street cred. - Jake Kremer
  2. Have them call Andy by another name until he snaps. - Dane Apsher
  3. Forget freshmen, dye Phillips hair loud colors. - Jacqueline Wolf
  4. Make them watch the Taylor Swift Goat video without laughing. (If you have not seen this video... You should have.) - Kaylee McConnell
  5. Peanut butter in shoes and walk to class. - Audrey Hoflery
  6. Raw frog legs/ take apart a lego ship with one hand. - Jared Josar
  7. Have a really nice pie, on the other side... (of Schuman lake) - Noah Giesey
  8. Catch Crawdad's at Lane Springs, cook them and eat them. - Scott Volner
  9. Schuman Lake shots. - Landon Kelsey
  10. Drink Andy's dark coffee. - Lyndsey
You just won a pet monkey at the fair! It can do one trick of your choice whenever you want. What is the trick? 2014-05-01
  1. "Borrowing" people's phones, perfect icebreaker! - Brandon Adamson
  2. Reverse pick pocket people with kittens - Luke Simon
  3. Divide by zero without creating a black hole - Daniel Geiger
  4. Telepathically annoy people I choose - Carl Slagle
  5. Sing Taylor Swift to me - Alan Landers
  6. Asexual reproduction so I can have infinite monkey minions - Jonathan Roth
  7. Evolve! - Nathan Szanto
  8. Say "my name is Philip" - Jared Gohr
  9. Load plates on a barbell - Ethan Markley
  10. Steal back my nazied dishes - Sam Moser
I you were to join the circus, what would you perform? 2014-04-10
  1. Anything where I'd have to wear a helmet - Stoney Tyler
  2. Only if I could be an elephant would I be in the circus - Megan Goff
  3. Swallowing flaming swords while riding a tiger with its tail on fire - Zachary Hume
  4. The cinnamon challenge in the mid doe of a tickle fight - Josh Wyss
  5. I would perform "The Dance of the Cucumber" in its original Spanish with Bob the Tomato to translate - Nicholas Statezel
  6. I'd be lifting two elephants because one isn't enough - Ethan Markley
  7. The quiet game - Tori Wilson
  8. Snipe Wrangling - Kaylee Strickland
  9. Juggling elephants - Zach Johnson
  10. Elephant ventriloquism - Matt Walkup
What is the most unique title you can give to an ordinary everyday task? 2014-03-06
  1. "Liberal Arts major" or "Fast-food service provider" - Nathan Szanto
  2. I don't want to do this. It makes me feel like I'm writing my resume - Erin Andrews
  3. Linear foot placement expert - Jeff Rottluff
  4. Unnecessary vocal vibrations whilst being covered in cleaning liquids - Tim Toy
  5. My mom always called herself Amateur Laborer Manager, High Volume Chef, and Refrigerator Management Specialist - Isaac DiGennaro
  6. Sock location and installation coordinator - Daniel Catton
  7. Official, certified, USDA approved pop tart cook - Matthew Kistler
  8. Mattress and pillow quality and comfort engineer - Cheyenne Morrissette
  9. Eyelid watching - Lucas Weiler
  10. Mining the nasal gold (picking your nose) - Joe Hakanson
If you could instantly learn one skill, what would it be? 2014-02-20
  1. Hunting animals…and freshman….jk *nervous laugh* - Amy Coffman
  2. #1 on the Top Ten - Jason Brown
  3. I already know every skill I would want - Kevin Linn
  4. How to shower, I would be the first compsci to learn this - Austin Gantner
  5. How to play hide and seek without getting found every time! - Elijah Weber
  6. I want to be able to backflip anything (car, snowboard, bike, etc.) - Bryce Hylton
  7. Become Chuck Norris, because nothing beats Chuck Norris - Devin Brewster
  8. How to words good - Matt Martin
  9. Instinctive archery - Sam Moser
  10. Not procrastinating - Tori Urban
Best/Funniest quote about something that happened over Spring Break? 2013-05-04
  1. So, is this bread or a building material? - Chris Heckman
  2. That guy looks like a nematoad - Madden Ladwig
  3. She wants you to sing Jingle Bells and dance - Jordan Wright
  4. Hi, mom! I made a snow igloo! On spring break. - Luke Simon
  5. How is there not more blood than that?! - Parker Gleason
  6. Yes it was, Andy Conklin, Yes it was - Nathan Boys
  7. It’s a snow man… rabbit… frog? - Peter Gent
  8. Rest areas are for quitters, get them off the road to pave the way for the champions - Greg Schulte
  9. how was your second winter break - Caleb Roberts
  10. It was so boring. I know. Great, right! - Josh Wyss
If you were on a sinking ship what is the one thing or person that you would want with you and why? 2013-04-25
  1. Bob The Builder... Can he fix it? - Bradley Clay
  2. Kelp and You, How to cook at the bottom of the ocean. By Gordon Ramsey - Stoney Tyler
  3. Redbull, it gives you wings - Jason Brown
  4. Kim Jong Un, if I'm going down so is he. 'MURKA!!!' - Jake Kremer
  5. Morgan Freeman so he can narrate the end of my life. - Daniel Catton
  6. No one... I'm Kevin Clark - Kevin Clark
  7. Just me. I'm tall, no water is deep water when you're tall. - Luke Simon
  8. gills - Jaykob Maser
  9. Michael Phelps - Kate Dennis
  10. sea turtles... to rope them together and make a raft - Amy Walther
What would you do if you didn't have any homework for two weeks? 2013-04-14
  1. Tame a Dragon - Mike Hall
  2. Sleep and burn things - Chris Herbst
  3. Cage Fighting - Jared Gohr
  4. Disappear into the wilderness and train a grizzly bear to forage and hunt for me... and we would be best friends - Stoney Tyler
  5. Well... I'm healing quickly... Who wants to have me a push down a steep, Rolla, back country road?? ;) - Jaron Fowler
  6. Hunt Elephants - Philip Honnold
  7. Build the ultimate super-weapon and take over Korea. I will re-name it Faithica. - Faith Spencer
  8. I would bike around the world. After that I would hang out with my friends the remaining week and 6 days. - Bryce Hylton
  9. Cure Cancer, build a Time-Machine, find the Fountain of Youth, and make a lasagna. - Matt Martin
  10. Save a baby for a pack of wolves, base jump off the Sears Tower, fly to the moon in a makeshift bathtub, then sleep for a week and a half. :) - Jaykob Maser