CCF Small Groups

These small group gatherings are a way for people to grow closer and have more of a sense of community together. As our ministry grows, we find ourselves with a great opportunity to reach a broader spectrum of students across the campus at Missouri S&T, however we do not want to lose the intimacy of gathering together in small groups to be a part of each other's lives. This depth in the Scriptures and in each other's lives allows you to pass along prayer requests (either as confidential or public requests) and lift up and encourage those who may be struggling through life.

If you are interested in more information about small groups, contact Andy.

ECHO - Monday 6pm
Andy Conklin
We will spend some time going a little deeper into the sermon from the previous week and praying for one another.
Radical - Monday 6:30pm
Grant McAdams & Nicholas Lewis
Using David Platt's book, we will springboard into the Scriptures to see if American Christianity has grown soft compared to the church's beginnings. This study will look at what Jesus did when He spoke to the crowds and presented the Gospel.
Proverbs - Monday 7pm
Josh Wyss & Jonathan Winn
We have noticed that the book of Proverbs sits well with the engineering-minded. It is God's Word on wisdom, applications, and sensibilities. Join like-minded people in examining and analyzing the content of this book.
It Factor - Monday 7pm
Derek Berndt & Ben Glore
Those people that just "get it" in their relationships with God... How are they following God completely? We'll be examining biblical characters who got it and totally didn't get it and applying what we find to our lives.
Following Jesus - Monday 7pm
Daniel Bergthold & Aaron Boots
We are going to look at how to model ourselves after Jesus according to the Gospels.
Romans - Monday 7pm
Nathanael Coffman
We will do an in-depth - verse by verse, chapter by chapter study of Paul's letter to the church in Rome.
Christianity, Cults, & World Religions - Monday 7pm
James Wetzel & Josue Quiroz
We will be briefly studying the doctrines of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism, and Jehovah Witnesses and discussing how to approach people respectively and powerfully with the Gospel.
Living the Gospel in the Grey - Monday 7pm
Moriah Ord
Evangelism, the bottom line is that people desperately need Jesus. Join us as we discuss what it means to live out the Gospel in a grey world.
The Bible - Monday 7pm
Garret French
An invigorating study of the Scriptures. There will be special focus on several key themes and the cohesion of 66 books.
Biblical Community & Communication - Monday 7:30pm
Shandi Harris
Let's take a look at what it means to biblically communicate (think conflict resolution, misunderstandings, etc.) and have healthy community (think boundaries, forgiveness, etc.). We will look at practical applicable tools based on Scripture. This group will also be tailored to areas you need to find biblical guidance, wisdom, and insight.
Fruit of the Spirit - Tuesday 6pm
Lauren Barclay & Tiffany Newburry
Is your Christianity showing? This small group will discuss the character traits that show others we are modelling our lives after Christ.
Experiencing God - Tuesday 7pm
Christian McCann & Zach Riney
In this study, we will go through the book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. Through this study we will learn how we can experience God in our lives and how that will affect our lives.
Truth Project - Tuesday 7pm
Trevor Stacy & Nick Statesel
This DVD based study will look at life from a biblical perspective and shed light on the importance of living a Christian Worldview.
Childlike Faith - Tuesday 7pm
Jax Wolf & Meg Riefer
Developing the simple foundations of a mature faith alongside classic children's stories and the Bible.
A Grief Observed/The Problem of Pain - Tuesday 7pm
Ben Turpin & Caleb Skinner
We will be learning the purpose of pain and how to grow from it.
Discipleship - Wednesday 6:30pm
Austin Andrews & Ben Krause
We will be studying traits exemplified by both those who were disciples and those who discipled others in order to pour into the lives of those around us. We will be focusing on serving others, discipling, and being discipled.
The Forge (Guys Only) - Wednesday 6:30pm
Colton Dailey & Royce Ingram
We will be discussing various topics related to Godly masculinity. As iron sharpens iron...
Apologetics - Wednesday 7pm
Jacob Hume & Isaac Mulhern
A reasoned defense for the Bible using resources such as I Don Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist and Mere Christianity.
Christian Denominations - Wednesday 7pm
Frances Manahan
What is the difference between the different kinds of churches? Come and learn about church history, know what Christian Denominations believe and why, and explore churches.
The End of Me - Wednesday 7pm
Josh Weible & Micah Souder
Brokenness is the way to wholeness, mourning is the path to blessing, and emptiness is required to know true fullness. Ultimately you will discover how Jesus transforms you as you begin to practice and live out these paradoxical principles. Because only when you come to the end of yourself can you begin to experience the full, blessed, and whole life Jesus has to offer.